React Testing Library - Testing a Node Attribute

You can test HTML node attributes with the toHaveAttribute matcher. When you need more than an equality check, though, you can use getAttribute.

Extremes are Usually Wrong for Software Engineers

We need to get into the habit of taking a step back and being more pragmatic when making choices.

Reading Effectively

I believe books are too long. Here are some tips to get the most out of your reading.

Library Testing Functionality

We would save a lot of developer time if libraries included testing functionality.

Testing Logger

Logging is sometimes a part of your requirements. For example, you might want to issue a warning anytime some security event occurs. I like to test these events using a TestingLogger class that can stand in place of a real logger.

Tips for Code Assignments

Over the last six months I have been reviewing coding assignments while searching for our next Software Engineer over At PrintWithMe. Here are some tips I would give developers on the other side of this.

Learning React 2nd Edition

If you want to learn React and catch up with other recent JavaScript developments, I highly recommend this book.